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Discover Dominica, the nature island. Dominica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean islands which is indeed worth visiting. If you visit your relatives in Dominica you can also get in touch with relatives of your home town with the help of VOIP services from call2 friends. Save at least 98% of your bills with the cheap and affordable services by internet browsing facilities. Cheap calls to Dominica is charged at $0.203 per minute from landline and $0.211 per minute from mobile connections. Call2friends have made it possible for calling all parts of the world at an affordable cost.

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Internet protocol makes calls to Dominica easy and cheap. The VOIP service is easy to use and is definitely the best service for long distance calls. The only thing that is required is dialing the country code and the number that you would like to speak to and you would be connected to the person you would like to speak to. VOIP offers seamless roaming services as well that you can access while you are on roaming. Dominica is definitely within reach with the help of internet services from various websites that offer free calling as well as SMS services all over the world.

Dominica country code

Dominica country code - 1767