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Cheap calls to Estonia through Call2Friends

Even though most of us are using mobile phones at the moment, it is not cheap to have a phone and manage its expenses. Call rates can be really high which in turn can make you shell out a lot of bucks for the same. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone as well. Smartphones have found a place in everyone’s life but still, many people find it really difficult to place calls because of the calling rates offered by the telecom operators. In addition to this, most of us are reluctant when it comes to making international calls from our mobile phones.

So, in such a case, websites like can prove to be extremely beneficial because it offers extremely attractive rates which are really cheap. This in turn solves the purpose of every individual who is trying to save some bucks whilst placing calls into foreign countries. Now, you can have various reasons to call people who are living in foreign countries.

For instance, if you have business links in Estonia, you’d always look out for methods by which you can place cheap calls to Estonia. So, by using a site like, you can now make use of internet calling and start calling your business associates in Estonia. With call rates starting from as low as $0.018 per minute, you can make extremely cheap calls to Estonia. You just need to have a working internet connection and you can avail this service with the help of a tab, smartphone or even a laptop.

Estonia country code

Estonia country code - 372