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Sri Lanka is a very famous place and there are many offices and subdivisions of many companies. There are also many people who live in Sri Lanka for jobs and education. There are also many tourists who travel to this majestic land for vacation. Now in all these cases the one thing that is common is calling. When your partner is in Sri Lanka and you want to call him or her, what are the things that you want? Firstly, you want a service that is good in quality and uninterrupted. Secondly, calling abroad can be very costly, at times and that is why you want cheap calls to Sri Lanka.

There are many companies that provide such services to the customers, but the rates are quite high in such cases. But the one company that has been quite successful in recent times, in providing excellent quality cheap calls to Sri Lanka is There are so many things that make these services so popular among the people all over the world. There are also several benefits of these services that provides you. Some of those are as follows

Your requirement is a computer, a mic, speakers and a decent Internet connection

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So if you are looking for cheap calls to Sri Lanka than the one place that will, never disappoint you are has been quite successful in recent times, in providing excellent quality calling service to the people and the demand for these services that the company is providing is increasing every day. has been quite successful in providing quality service to the customers all over the world and at a very reasonable rate such as $0.16 and that is why the demand for these services is so high. This is the platform that you can go for free calls or low rate calls to your friends and family staying abroad. There are so many people who live outside the country and Sri Lanka is one of the most popular destination people opts for.

Voip to make cheap calls to Sri Lanka

Today, social media and internet has connected people of far away countries. Now it is a communal thing to have friends or loved ones in other countries for instance Sri Lanka. But, are you contacting your mates in Sri Lanka via text messages or chats only? Yes, several people’s contacting method is this only, because they afraid of making international calls due to the high call rates. It is quite obvious too, because making international calls is not a cheap affair. One needs to make mind to lose pocket first for talking to someone in a far away country.

What you think how true this statement is? Is making international call actually a costly affair? No, it is not. Wondering about it? Well, yes making international calls is not at all a costly affair, but if you don’t make it using your traditional mobile or landline phone.

Several people follow the typical method of making calls viz. their mobile phone or landlines that cost them a lot. What is the solution? In case, you have someone in Sri Lanka, then you can make cheap calls to Sri Lanka using your internet. Not only in Sri Lanka, you can also make cheap calls to any other country from your own. How? Let`s discuss further.

With a rapid advancement in technology, a new technology called VoIP is rising that allows people to make cheap international calls. Through this educated strategy one can spare a ton of global calls and also can converse with somebody living in a distant nation for long as opposed to cutting the call at the earliest opportunity.

How VoIP makes cheap calling possible? VoIP (voice over web convention) innovation is an extraordinary sort of innovation that makes cheap global calling conceivable through the web. When we call through our consistent cellular telephones or landline telephones then a telephone line used to exchange our voice to make discussion conceivable via telephone. VoIP innovation replaces the work of telephone lines and used to exchange the voice through an advanced technique. How? When it gets your voice, it changes over it into little pieces and makes your voice agreeable to the beneficiary and after that again changes over these advanced pieces into the ordinary voice.

That is how VoIP technology lets you make cheap calls to Sri Lanka as well as in many other far away countries. How to avail this technology? Well, nothing much is needed to use this technology as a simple computer system with a good internet connection is required. Once you have these resources, you can easily find numerous VoIP based websites to make cheap international calls with a simple procedure.

This high tech idea allows you to make calls through PC to PC, PC to mobile and PC to landline. Moreover, you can make cheap calls to Sri Lanka and many other countries without even realizing that person that how you are calling. So, accept this unique way of making cheap calls and save a lot on international calls.

Sri Lanka country and area codes

Sri Lanka country code - 94

Sri Lanka area codes:

Mount Lavinia11
Nuwara Eliya52