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Thailand is a beautiful place which is now commonly being used for all kinds of import as well as export purposes. The footfall is Thailand has also increased as many people go to visit Thailand in their vacations. Many people also settle also settle in Thailand for their own job purpose as well. Do you have a relative residing in Thailand? Then you can get in touch with your loved one through a very exceptional and new development of making cheap calls to Thailand. You can make very cheap calls to Thailand at a minimum cost that starts from $0.018 per minute from landline and $0.017 per minute from your mobile phone. Calls from VoIP are much cheaper than the usual calls that are made from landlines or mobile phones.

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One you have connected to the internet and have had all the sources, you can just login to the website and dial the country code as well as the number that you want to get connected to in Thailand. Since so many people live in Thailand There are probabilities that you may end up calling a lot of people in Thailand and increase your phone bills. In that case, the best way is to use the internet protocol and make unlimited calls. The process of making cheap calls of Thailand is now very much in vogue as well as a much preferred one and it is the best method in which you can monitor your costs for international calls as well. So make use of the VoIP and make unlimited cheap calls to your loved ones at the click of a mouse!

Thailand country code

Thailand country code - 66

Starting digits for main cities:

Chiang Mai 52, 53
Chon Buri 33, 38
Hat Yai74
Nakhon Ratchasima44
Samut Prakan2
Udon Thani42