How Do Cheap Or Even Free Calls To India Work?

If you are looking for make free call to India, you have probably heard that some top-notch telecom companies are happy to offer them. India is a popular call destination, with international calls streaming in all day long, so facilitating the public's need for a reduced cost - or for no cost at all - has become a priority. If you are thinking about taking advantage of these offers and services, you should know that they tend to work in a few different ways.

Listening to Ads

One of the most common ways that companies set things up to offer free calls to India is by making use of ad revenue. When you place the call, you first have to listen to a number of audio ads. Typically, there are only going to be one or two, and they tend to be very short - 15 to 30 seconds, for example - so this isn't going to take up a lot of your time. As soon as the ads quit playing, you dial the intended number and the call goes through as normal. The revenue from these ads pays to connect you from anywhere in the world, and it costs you nothing more than 30 seconds of your time.

It is worth noting that the people on the other end of the call never have to listen to a single ad. This is because the call first goes through to the telecom provider, which plays the ads to you, and then you dial for the free calls to India. The other party does not even hear the phone ring until the ads are done, and then you get an allotted amount of minutes - usually, around 15 minutes - to talk at no cost.

Bulk Purchases

Some providers are not able to offer free calls to India, but they can still offer you remarkably cheap options by buying up the minutes in bulk. To do this, the main telecom company that you use goes to another major provider and makes the purchase. If you were to buy just 100 minutes on your own, the cost would be far higher, but they can buy tens of thousands of minutes, paying drastically less per minute since they are able to guarantee such a large order. They then pass the savings on to you by offering cheap calls, and the overall cost is spread out between you and many other callers.

Full-Time Partnerships

Sometimes, this relationship works so well that two telecom companies will form a partnership to work together. The major company will provide minutes at a massively reduced rate in order to move a lot of units, and the second company then resells those minutes consistently. They may work on a contractual basis. When this happens, it is even more likely that you can get nearly free calls to India since the contract guarantees both sides a good deal, and callers like yourself benefit from these consistent savings and low prices.

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