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We have been working in the VoIP market for more than 10 years. During this time, we began to work with more than 20 large corporations, including Tata, Orange and many others. Our servers are located in 5 different data centers around the world. We find the most reliable, high-quality and at the same time cheap routes for our clients.

You can perform a few free calls per day. Some of the call direction for free calls may not work. hat's because we've got limited number of free calls per country of caller and per user. For better quality and for longer call, you can make a paid call to any mobile phone number without any limitation. Please, take a look at our call rates for any future information. To perform a paid call to India, USA, China, register and use available payment methods. We guarantee high quality of paid calls. If you face with any issue, please use email.

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"IKozlov" Ltd.
Company registration number: 1127847284080
UTR/KPP 7843314853/784301001
License number: 144902 at 08.06.2016
E-mail: [email protected]