Toll-free numbers must be free and unlimited

Toll-free numbers must be free

Have you ever thought why VoIP providers charge users for calling to toll-free numbers? Do you deem it’s rather fair for additional services? Or that’s just another try to earn more. Whatever they do, Call2Friends makes its own way, cancels the fees and presents you absolutely total free calls to any toll-free number in the United States.

Since today we provide free calls to these USA destinations: 1-800, 1-822, 1-833, 1-844, 1-855, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888. The calls are not only free, they virtually have no limit. Being a paid user has its own perks: you can talk up to one hour to any antecedent destination, plenty enough for every purpose. All you need is to have a positive balance.

Calling to a toll-free number is easy: choose the United States country flag from the top field of the phone widget, or type the USA country code: 1. Then type the remaining digits and push the green button. Be advised that currently we do not support toll-free vanity numbers so you have to know the actual digits for the required callee, words or letters cannot be used.

To remind you: the current rates to the other United States destinations you can see on our special Rates page and the length of all free calls can be found in the Free Destination section.

We hope that you welcome these news and we encourage you to express your thoughts and possible offers, sending an email to us.