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Dominican Republic $0.037
Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo $0.038
Dominican Republic - Viva $0.039
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Dominican Republic - Mobile - Claro $0.112
Dominican Republic - Mobile - Orange $0.112
Dominican Republic - Mobile - Viva $0.136

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Dominican Republic is an island in Latin America and has the largest economy in the Caribbean island. Dominican Republic is famous for a number of things as well as visits. If you have any of your friends and families staying in the country and you would like to get in touch with her, you can take the help of your internet browser to make free calls to her cheap calls to Dominican Republic can be made in jiffy only if you have an Internet connection and a computer, and a microphone.

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Now how do you go about the process? You just need to dial your friend’s number following the country code of the country you would like to get connected to cheap calls to Dominican Republic is easy and affordable and you can also use the internet to call your loved ones even when you are on roaming. Make cheap calls to Dominican Republic at a rate of $0.022 per minute from landline and $0.071 per minute from mobile.

Dominican Republic country code

Dominican Republic country code - 1809