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Every country’s economy is prone to inflation which means that with every passing year, prices of basic commodities and necessities will tend to increase for sure. This in turn implies that value of money or currency decreases with every year. For instance, if a specific commodity is available for $10 in the year of 2010, by the end of the year 2016, its price will never be the same. It will always tend to increase which obviously creates a difficulty for every middle class family.

Same is the case with calling rates on a mobile or a landline. Call rates have always been a matter of concern as they can easily consume a lot of currency. Now, when we talk about increasing call rates; international calling rates are the worst. Telecom operators charge a lot when we are trying to make an international call. This is the only reason why every individual tries to find out cheaper alternatives and it has been repeatedly observed that internet calling has been one of the preferred alternatives.

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Eritrea country code

Eritrea country code - 291