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Hong Kong $0.022
Hong Kong - Mobile $0.027
Hong Kong - Mobile - CSL $0.027
Hong Kong - Mobile - HGC Global Comm $0.027
Hong Kong - Mobile - Smartone $0.027

No hidden fees or charges. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Hong Kong is a place where you can find people come from other countries and stays. If you also have someone close had migrated to the Hong Kong, then you can very well understand how expensive it can be to connect them on a regular basis. In This case you prefer to call them occasionally and try to finish the conversation after sharing the important stuff quickly just because of the call rate of international calls from your country. But, it only happens when you use the traditional way of calling like, mobile or landlines where you can use another way of communicating called the internet.

Calling though the internet doesn’t mean that you are going introduced to a new social networking website where you can do online chats to talk to the person living in another country. You can even make cheap calls to Hong Kong through the internet. How? Through VoIP based websites. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is an advanced technology that can be used on the lieu of phone lines. VoIP technology when receives you voice, it converts it into small chunks and send it to that person’s device and when your voice reached there it again converted into normal voice. VoIP technology, respectively replacing the work of traditional phone lines and connecting people of other countries in a cost effective manner.

Anybody can try this method of making international calls through their internet and can experience a huge difference of an international call. Making cheap calls to Hong Kong through your own country will only cost you approx. $0.022 per minute. You can check call tariffs on the website also. In fact, this way of making an international call allows you to make calls to any country of this world in a cheaper cost.

Hong Kong country code

Hong Kong country code - 504