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Puerto Rico $0.005

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Puerto Rico is a country where calling from another country can be expensive that may force someone to think twice before calling in Puerto whether for business purpose of personal for what sometimes people use to spend on special call cards and schemes in order to save some of the amount, but even all this don't make your international call much cost effective that clearly affect the conversation with another person, but if you know the right use of the internet and technology, then making cheap calls to Puerto Rico can be much cost effective for you, yes, if you have computer system and internet connection then you can make cheap international calls on a very less call rate.

Many websites are now using voice over internet protocol technology provide cheap call services and some websites like also offer calling without registration same as your normal phone. Calling through this way is a cheapest tactic of making international calls and it start from worth $0.007 on call2friends. So, make cheap calls to Puerto Rico without thinking much about the call cost and convey your message to that person in a proper and cost effective manner.

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Puerto Rico country and area codes

Country Code for Puerto Rico - 1
787/939 - area codes within the NANP