New Caller ID Feature

Dear clients, the new Caller ID feature has been implemented recently for you. This useful service allows you to identify yourself across the network and to be recognizable by your friends and colleagues. When you call someone the number that will be displayed on the called person's phone screen is your Caller ID. Usually it's a generic number of our service.

If you want to alternate it, you just need to complete the verification process and confirm that the desired number is yours. Proceed to your account and choose Caller ID settings. Initially the Caller ID is not set. Request the change of it, fill in the verification code you get by SMS and you're done. The verification process should take only a few seconds so if it takes longer or nothing happens at all feel free to contact us.

The feature is currently available for all clients with a positive balance status.

For more information about the Caller ID feature please go to the FAQ section on our site.