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American Samoa $0.054
American Samoa - Mobile $0.054

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Do you have any relative living in American Samoa and you need to get in touch with her at the earliest? It is really simple and effortless. Make some of the cheapest calls to American Samoa at an unbelievable rate! The best part about calling American Samoa is that you just need an Internet connection, a good computer and a microphone. VoIP calls make it possible to call American Samoa at a cheap rate. VoIP is a process of calling all kinds of national and international numbers at a very cheap rate. Your voice is transported to the other end of the line with the help of internet protocol.

You just need to log into the registered website, dial the desired country code and ISD number and connect to the person you are calling. Cheap calls to American Samoa are charged at $0.047 per minute from the landline and at $0.047 per minute from the mobiles. It is much cheaper than the regular landline calls that are made to other places. The voice quality would also be crystal clear, crisp and very audible from any place in the world. Call while sitting at home as well as from any part of the world while on roaming.

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American Samoa country code

American Samoa country code - 1684