Cheap Calls to Cyprus from $0.022

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Cheap calls to Cyprus through
Cyprus $0.022
Cyprus - CallSat International $0.065
Cyprus - High Cost $0.039
Cyprus - Mobility Services $0.065
Cyprus - Other Licensed Operator $0.058
Cyprus - - Personal Numbering $0.157
Cyprus - Mobile $0.112
Cyprus - Mobile - Cyta-Vodafone $0.110
Cyprus - Mobile - MTN $0.110

No hidden fees or charges. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Cyprus is swiftly developing country in Greece and it is one of the most beautiful countries that one has visited in a lifetime. Call2friends are offering cheap call rates to all its callers as well as people who would call their loved ones residing at Cyprus. Cheap calls to Cyprus are now charged at $0.475 per minute from landlines and $0.360 per minute from your mobiles.

Now calling Greece from any part of the world is not a problem anymore with the help of VOIP services. Call2friends is a website that offers free VoIP services to its registered users .You only need an Internet connection, a computer and a microphone. Cyprus has one of the finest telecom infrastructures that comprises of landlines as well as mobile facilities which means that now Cyprus can be called at any time of the day without uninterrupted services .Your voice would be totally crisp clear and audible as well.

You can easily stay in touch with your loved one with just the click of a button and you would always feel that your close ones are just beside you. Use all your chances to prove to your loved ones that you remember and miss them. Utilize the advantage of cheap calls to Cyprus by login into call2friends and enjoy cheap calls at an unbelievable high quality and speed. You can call your friends even when you are on roaming or sitting at home with a laptop.

Cyprus country code

Cyprus country code - 357