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Czech Republic is known to be a very advanced and well developed country with a good inflow of trade and finance. Situated in Central Europe, there are many visitors as well as residents who are there for purpose of official visits and permanent jobs. Has one of your relatives recently visited the Czech Republic and is not planning to come back in a year or two? Would you like to be in constant touch with him? VOIP services by the internet make it possible to contact people all over the world at a very affordable price.

Cheap calls to Czech Republic is now at the tip of your fingers with the help of an internet connection, a computer and a microphone. Calls made by the help of VOIP services are much cheaper and affordable compared to the regular landlines. There are a number of websites that offer free VoIP services for a limited period of time after which a minimum rate is charged.

Cheap calls to Czech Republic to any part of the world is charged at $0.020 per minute from landlines and $0.070 per minute from mobiles. Call up your loved one and speak to her for unlimited minutes. The voice that would travel through the VOIP services is crisp, clear and audible and the best thing is that it is affordable as well. You just need the country code, the number and you are already connected to your friend with the click of a button.

Czech Republic country and area codes

Czech Republic country code - 420

Czech Republic area codes:

Prague (Praha)2, 31, 32
Jihocesky38, 39
Jihomoravsky51, 53, 54
Moravskoslezsky55, 59
Stredocesky2, 31, 32
Ustecky41, 47