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Morocco $0.015
Morocco - Cassablanca $0.015
Morocco - INW $0.104
Morocco - Orange Maroc $0.169
Morocco - Mobile $0.479
Morocco - Mobile - Al Hourria Telecom $0.355
Morocco - Mobile - INW $0.519
Morocco - Mobile - INW Far Zone $0.304
Morocco - Mobile - Mobility Services $0.348
Morocco - Mobile - Orange Maroc $0.506

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Morocco is a country located in North Africa characterized as a rugged mountainous interior interior and deserts in large portions of the total area. The country is one of the only three countries to contain Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines both. The population of Morocco is the blend of various ethnic groups like Arab, European and many more all governed by the constitutional monarchy of the country. Morocco contains massive land coverage and comprises as the sixth-largest economy in Africa. The country is renowned for the production and sale of traditional ceramics, jewelry and lanterns made up of metal.

There are many people that are linked and connected with the civilization and customs, making them to perform several means to maintain their connection amongst them calls are widely accessed. The international calls are costly and unable to be utilized by every person due to their high prices. For people that are unable to pay for the high end international calls we offer a cheap means to make calls to the country. With the help of our VoIP service you can easily make cheap calls to Morocco that will aid you to save money spent on the international avoiding any sort of extra cost.

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Morocco country code

Morocco country code - 212