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San Marino $0.029
San Marino - Special Services A $1.077
San Marino - Special Services B $0.795
San Marino - Mobile $0.244

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San Marino is a microstate surrounded by the Italy and people having friends in this beautiful place from other countries can now get linked easily with their dear ones or friends through a unique and the latest trend of making cheap calls to San Marino. One can make a cheap call to San Marino on a call cost starting from just $0.035 that is very much less than your casual call cost. How is this possible? A technology named VoIP make it possible for people to get connected with each other from various countries at a cheaper cost.

Basically, VoIP is a technology used by some websites on the internet that allow cheap international calls. These websites sent your voice through the internet protocols, rather than phone lines that is how all this make your international call a cost-effective one. You just need to have a computer system that supports flash player and an internet connection to open a VoIP based website.

Once you have required sources, you just need to select country code of San Marino and has to dial that person's number same you dial from your mobile phone and after a few seconds you will get connected to the person in San Marino. This process of making cheap calls to San Marino is becoming a most preferable one and censoring the use of costly call cards for international calls. So, use smartness and make cheap international calls with the use of easy sources around you.

San Marino country code

San Marino country code - 378