Cheap Calls to Solomon Islands from $1.019

Make cheap calls to Solomon Islands just for $1.019 per minute and start saving up to 98% on all your international phone calls. If you're not completely satisfied suggest your price and we will do our best to bring it to you.

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Cheap calls to Solomon Islands through
Solomon Islands $1.019
Solomon Islands - Mobile $1.386

No hidden fees or charges. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Do you have someone living in the Solomon Islands to whom you want to contact, but costly packages of international calls stops you to call them, but still if you call them, then talk regarding necessary stuff only, then don't worry, you can now make long calls in the Solomon Islands with just $ 1.010 that is very less than a casual call cost. If you don't believe, then compare both prices and decide. It's not a new offer or scheme to rob you through exciting offer, but it is a unique way to make cheap calls to Solomon Islands through VoIP technology.

VoIP is a technology used by some websites on the internet and with this technology websites allow one to make calls through PC to mobile without even realising another person through what you are calling. You just need to go to a particular VoIP based website, has to select country code of the Solomon Islands and then has to dial the number of that person and after a short wait you will get linked to that person through technology. You can even make a call through PC to PC, PC to mobile and PC to landline. There will be no difference of communication, the only difference will be the cost of an international call. This process of making cheap calls to Solomon Islands may help you to save much on international calls and you can make international calls just same you are calling in own country.

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Solomon Islands country code

Solomon Islands country code - 677