Cheap Calls to Suriname from $0.157

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Suriname $0.157
Suriname - Intelsur VoIP $0.308
Suriname - Mobile $0.157
Suriname - Mobile - Digicel $0.322
Suriname - Mobile - Intelsur $0.280

No hidden fees or charges. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

The local call operators sure charge little too much for international calls. Even a five-minute call to your friend or family member living in some other country or across some other continent can really cut a big hole in your pocket. But this doesn't mean you must compromise on staying in touch with your long-distance settled loved ones for our service offering cheap calls to Suriname and other countries can save you a fortune on international calling.

We charge significantly less for making international calls as compared to the local mobile call operators but without compromising on call quality if you are wondering so. You can contact your relatives living in Suriname over landline number with call cost of just $0.146/minute and over a mobile number for just $0.223/minute. And to begin making the call all you need is a web browser to load our website on it along with a mic, headphone, flash player and an active internet connection, all the basic requirements.

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Suriname country code

Suriname country code - 597