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United Arab Emirates $0.166
United Arab Emirates - Dubai $0.166
United Arab Emirates - ELTC $0.168
United Arab Emirates - Mobile $0.166
United Arab Emirates - Mobile - Du $0.169
United Arab Emirates - Mobile - Etisalat $0.166

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United Arab Emirates is one of the best places to stay in. If you have a relative staying In the UAE and do not know how to get in touch with her then keep on reading. Now making cheap calls to United Arab Emirates and getting connecting to your close ones is just a matter of a few minutes. All you need is a steady internet connection, a good computer along with an Adobe flash player, a microphone and a headphone so that you can hear the voice the person you are speaking to. Cheap calls to United Arab Emirates is easy and convenient with the help of VOIP services that is offered by many websites in the Internet.

Now what is VOIP exactly? VOIP is a service that is provided by the Internet. You can speak to your loved ones and vice versa through the internet by just dialing the country code and the number of want to speak to. Your voice would be carried through the internet protocol and the person on the other side would be able to hear you. VOIP ensures that your voice is crisp and clear and you can get connected in just a matter of time. VoIP services are also very cheap and affordable compared to the regular phone calls that one makes from the telephone or the mobile services. Cheap calls to United Arab Emirates will cost you a minimum amount of $0.162 per minute from landline and $0.153 per minute from your mobile phones and the best thing about the service is that it is easy to use, fast and convenient and you can call your close ones sitting at home. The service can also be used while you are on roaming. You just need to connect to your laptop and make the call and then log off when done. VOIP makes it possible to call from the internet to any part of the world at a bare minimum cost. So now that you have the internet service, you are not far off from any of your relatives. Log in to any of the websites that provide VOIP services, connect to the internet and make a call. Some websites also offer free limited calls for a limited time period which can also be availed by registered members.

In today's world of technology, getting connected to our loved one is easy and affordable as well. So avail the easy way out and get connected to your loved one as soon as possible.

United Arab Emirates country and area codes

United Arab Emirates country code - 971

United Arab Emirates area codes:

Abu Dhabi2
Al Ain3
Madinat Zayed2
Ras Al Khaimah7
Umm-Al Quwain6