Cheap Calls to Uruguay from $0.043

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Cheap calls to Uruguay through
Uruguay $0.066
Uruguay - Montevideo $0.043
Uruguay - Mobile $0.194
Uruguay - Mobile - Ancel $0.192
Uruguay - Mobile - Claro $0.107
Uruguay - Mobile - Movistar $0.212

No hidden fees or charges. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Uruguay is a city where several people from other countries also use to live for many purposes such as, job, education or agriculture occupation. Their relatives living in other countries use to communicate with them via phone that is an expensive way of making international calls. Along with some other cost cuttings, now you can also have an economical way to make cheap calls to Uruguay. How? Through a common service that you use in your daily life called the internet. The internet is a unique and cost effective way to make international calls rather than spending unnecessary on casual phone calls.

Making an international call through regular phone may cost you much where you can make cheap calls to Uruguay with a call rate starting from just $0.042. It is a lenient way of making international calls through computer as you don't need to indulge with logins and registrations before and don't need to share a common source for communicating. Yes, it is not required to have a computer system for both called and the receiver to make conversation possible. You can even make a call on the mobile from PC without even releasing that person that you are calling from the internet. Infect, you can even make calls through PC to mobile and PC to landline. Their call cost may vary, but surely not more than a call through common phone. The call cost of PC to mobile starts from $0.162 and call rate from PC to landline start from $0.042.

Uruguay country code

Uruguay country code - 598