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Uzbekistan $0.119
Uzbekistan - Tashkent $0.133
Uzbekistan - Mobile $0.128
Uzbekistan - Mobile - Beeline $0.133
Uzbekistan - Mobile - Ucell $0.118

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If you have a computer system with internet connection, then you can use it to make cheap calls to Uzbekistan. All you need to go on a VoIP based website offer cheap international calls, have to select the country code in which you want to make a call, have to dial the number of that person and after a short wait of a few seconds that website will connect you to the person living in Uzbekistan. Probably you are aware of some other ways of talking through the internet such as Skype and Gtalk, etc., but for such sites you have to indulge with registration process first; have to share your information.

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Uzbekistan country and area codes

Uzbekistan country code - 998

Uzbekistan area codes: